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Amiga Infos Readme

XFellow - x86 Linux port of the Fellow Amiga Emulator
Riot777 <>

XFellow is a port of the Fellow Amiga emulator to x86-linux-gnu systems. It
currently uses SDL for graphics and input, OSS for sound and GTK+ for the GUI.

XFellow is Free Software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License (version 2 or later, at your option). See
for more information on the GPL and Free Software in general. A copy of the
GPL is included in the XFellow distribution in the file COPYING.

Getting It
The latest version is available from the XFellow website:

Binary and source RPMs are also available from here.


ONLY gcc is supported for compiling XFellow. If you want to compile it with
another compiler (why?), you will have to write a callconv.mac specific to
your compiler.


At least nasm 0.98 is required, since older versions have a problem with nested
macros which causes the build to fail.


This is available with many Linux distributions, or you can get it from:

Version 1.2.x is required - the 1.1.x development series may or may not work.

XFellow will NOT compile with SDL 1.0.x or earlier.


This is required for building XFellow and it used by the GUI. Compiling a
version with no GUI is NOT presently supported (but will be in the future).
I'm using version 1.2.10 but any relatively recent version should be OK.

If anyone figures out exactly which version of GTK+ is required then please
let me know.

It's extremely unlikely you don't have GTK+ installed already, but it you
don't you can get it from:

Kernel with OSS Sound Drivers

You need OSS compiled into your kernel for sound to work. If you use ALSA, you
will need to enable OSS emulation:

# modprobe snd-pcm-oss

See the file 'INSTALL'.

Just execute bin/fellow to get started - XFellow will pop up a gui which you
can use to configure the emulator, select disk images, etc. I haven't written
any user documentation yet - if you're stuck then some of the documentation
for WinFellow (such as the meaning of config options, etc.) also apply to

But DON'T bother the WinFellow team with questions about XFellow ;-)

You can load and save your settings to config files using the items in the
File menu. You can also specify a config file on the command line:

fellow -f myconfigfile

And XFellow will load the settings from that file, so you just need to click
the 'Start Emulation' button.

Some of the configuration options are not available from the GUI yet. Sorry
about that.

Bug Reports
If you find a bug (highly likely in these early versions), feel free to send me
a bug report, detailing the nature of the problem and a copy of your fellow.log
file if relevant. First check the bug is not in the list of known bugs on the

Credits and Thanks
Linux port: Dan Sutherland
Original Fellow author: Petter Schau
WinFellow authors: Worfje
Andreas Axelsson
Torsten Enderling
Marco Nova
Slackware packages: Riot777
Old RPM packages: Per Skarpsvärd

Also thanks to Petter and the WinFellow team for helping me getting XFellow off
the ground.


Xyvy, Drzony, Droid, Gizmen, afo, rw_6, Linus Torwalds ;), The Nevillon Crew

Amiga Infos Install

XFellow Installation Instructions
In the majority of cases, all you need to do is run 'make'. Assuming you have
all the requirements (see the README file or the webpage XFellow should compile out of the box.

If it works, the XFellow executable will be found in the subdir bin/.

There aren't really any configurable options in the Makefile, except for
compiler optimization flags. By default XFellow is optimised for Pentiums, so
you might want to change it.

If XFellow won't compile for you, and you're sure you checked all the
requirements, let me know ( and I'll see if I can help ya.