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Amiga Infos Readme

Some tips to get happier with WINUAE

suggestions Problems mailto

******* The uae_german keymap does not support éáµ or Euro Symbol *********

Recommend is the use of and set input other then
compatibility Mode.This map is perfect compatible.For Euro you need of course
a character set that support Euro Symbol
,but work not in compatibility mode.See also the readme of it

work only on 0.9.90 and above

****** using wousewheel on winuae ***********************************

This work same as real amiga.Use the tool Freewheel from aminet

****** winuae dont accept my hardfiles or show only CLI with my always used config******

This happen if another winuae run.It is not allow to use the hardfile
with another winuae session.

In very rare situation a very bad Amiga program crash can happen that
winaue do not release the hardfile.So you cant load it in when you quit and start

Reboot in this case Windows. Now all should work.
If winuae take long to boot you can switch on drive leds in GUI
If the Harddrive LED is on you know the hardfile is validate so you must wait

****** Install OS3.9 when you have a running aiab (fastest way to get Os3.9 work)******

If you dont have AIAB i recommend to install it,its much easier than install
from real amiga emergency floppy

Boot from aiab
1. Insert the OS3.9 CD
2. Start the OS3.9 Installer and choose make Emergency floppy
Now you get a emergency floppy with correct CD rom support and P96 support
with correct rtg.library

Now boot from it

If you get CD readerrors you need reduce maxtransfer in Cd rom driver

read under this in this file

How can i install Os3.5 and 3.9 from emergency Floppy disk

how to do

If the emergenc<y floppy have correct boot then you are ready to install OS3.9

****** when i resume from hybernate and winuae runs the Amiga Clock have wrong time ****

Use the program attached in winuae install in dir amigaprograms with name

timehack.Copy it to Amigadir c:

Start it in your Userstartup run >nil: timehack.

It have no speedloss

This is maybe also usefull if you throttle

CPU idle too much because time can then run 3-10% slower

****** How can i make custom screenresolutions for winuae ***********

Powerstrip work ok now since Version 3.3 and nvidia >40 drivers on

winxp to do the Job

Before it work only on win98.So make sure you have this versions

You need not run powerstrip every time in startup.

Its enough when you create the Modes in Menu displayprofile->configure

Click advanced timing options-> custom resolutions->user defined set desired

values and reboot windows

Its also possible to create interlace doublescan resolutions here

Now you can use this resolutions in winuae with every amigaprogram

**How can i install Os3.5 and 3.9 from emergency Floppy disk*************

It is only allow to use OS3.5 or 3.9 on 1 Computer at same time

Read carefully the H&P license maybe H&P have a note in the license of newer OS3.9

that it can only use on AmigaHardware.

( A advokate recommend me to add this here)

Here we go:

Insert the emergency floppy in your old Amiga


transdisk >ram:emergency_disk.adf

on shell

Copy it now on a PC formatet floppy and insert it to your PC.

Open the file on emergency-disk:devs/dosdrivers/emergency_CD with a texteditor:

Change the line device ="xxxxxx


device ="uaescsi.device"

Change unitnum if need

IMPORTANT: Change the text

MaxTransfer = xxxxxxx


MaxTransfer =0xffff

or you get read/write errors

If you still get read/write errors from CD use a value of 0x1fff then

Save this to floppy

Now boot from your emergency_Disk.adf and make sure you have OS3.5/3.9 CD


** Using a real Amiga formatet Harddrive in winuae*****************

Select the hardrive in page harddrive with addharddrives

If there is no Drive listet than it is possible that this drive has no

Amiga/Amithlon Partition or

you use win98-meThis feature work only with win2k-winxp

The device name for this is uaehf.device (see next FAQ for more info)

** I have several damaged Amigas can i use the kickstart from them**********

You can readout the kickstart rom with the included file in Amiga Programs

from a intact Amiga.

transrom >ram:kickstart3.1

Read also here the licence of the kickstart

If this Version is forbidden to use on other computers

** Using other filesystem on Hardfiles (SFS testet)****************

Create a Hardfile (notice that you now must choose size in MBytes

For use with Hdtoolbox you must set the Sector Surface and Reserved num to 0

Now the Volume Name should show n/a.

Make a hdtoolsbox Icon with device=uaehf.device.

Now do all steps like real Amiga with hdtoolsbox.

** The Mousepointer freeze sometimes and i must reboot *********

Make sure you have the serial Port on and the correct port set

Make also shure shared is checked to loose no Speed

THis happen if a program make accidently for example debug output

with kprintf or so

** Using uaescsi.device to use IDE/SCSI Hardware for CD Support like real Amiga

Enable in Winuae tab Misc->Createlog so you see what amiga UNIT Numbers

your IDE/SCSI Hardware has.

For CD support install for ex. amicdfs (Aminet)select device uaescsi.device

and insert the number you see in the log file (Tab misc create Log file)
as UNIT Number.

Example: If you have only an IDE Controller:

0=Primary Master

1=Secondary Master

Diskchange works correct, so uaediskchange is not needed anymore.


Limits: On win98-ME (with adaptec aspi which is installed by many PC-Burn

Software) you can not use CD Burning Programs like makecd etc

This works only in Win2k and WinXP. Playing audio CDs analog/digital with opticd work

on both Win versions.

When you use winxp it is best to switch off in Page misc

Use ASPI Scsi Layer

Only activate it if you notice Problems without it


fail if you mount more than 1 CD drives

(All devices show same CD Content).

This seem on real Amigas also not work maybe a bug of asimcdfs


set in the mountfile the maxtransfer size to 0x10000 (65 kb)

This make cachecdfs working and show not the read/write error Requesters

I recommend the use of amicdfs it is free on Aminet and it

work without special winuae changes

1. Use hardfiles as your main drive to avoid trouble

Also typical Amiga drives have many files. My 270MB HD

has 17000 files. This is too much for WIndows because windows needs

to cache the directories, since FAT32 is slow. (Everyone who wants delete the Windows from DOS

dir without smartdrive will find out, that this takes several hours).

Also the maximum number of files is limitet on FAT32.

So I use a main 270MB Hardfile and store pictures not important

programs etc. in filedisks, so that there aren't many files/directories.

A good choice is keep every hardfile smaller than 500 MB, because booting on a 1GB hardfile

takes longer.

Also a backup with hardfile is fast. 270MB takes 1 min with 1 Drive, 0.5 Min with two drives.

So when trying a new prog you can easily make a backup of all your data.

Of course, transferring from / to hardfile can done by simply copying it, so you don't have

to install all your Amiga stuff again.

2. Get UAE working in every dir/drive without changing configs

For example uae is in c:\amiga the uae prog is in c:\amiga\winuae

and hardfile is and dirs are in c:\amiga

Insert in kickstart path ..\kickstart


You see no c:\amiga exists in the name and it work correct

So you can easily copy UAE to every drive CD work also you want

and use it

3. UAE doesn't boot due to Picasso96 failure (Picasso96 is extremely slow)

StartUAE and immediately press both Mousebuttons when the mainwindow is shown.

In the Amiga Early Startup select "Boot without Startup-Sequence".

Now remove or move the uaegfx file in devs:monitors.

Start UAE, now the Workbench shows up.

Just select a AmigaMode Save and copy uaegfx to devs/monitors again

If this should fail, reinstall Picasso96.

Don't forget then to copy the rtg.library file, which can be found in Winuae's

directory "Amigaprograms" to libs:picasso96, if you reinstall picasso96 to remove the

mouse trails.

4. A chipset Mode that UAE does not display makes UAE fail

OS 3.1: Boot without Startup-Sequence (from Amiga Early Startup menu), type Loadwb,

and press "Cancel" on the "ENV:" warnings. Then start the screenmode selector

and select standard PAL mode. Save it, boot and select your preferred mode.

OS 3.5/3.9: Copy an old Screenmode prefs program from 3.1 to your HD,

because the new one will not work this way.

7. UAE large Boottime (memusage)

WINUAE needs 60MB+Z3+Chip+Fast+Picasso96 Mem

The 0.8.17r1 uses memory dynamically. This means you can select

512MB Z3 Mem and find no difference in boot time.

But if you work with UAE for a longer time, it may get very slow.

So it is better that you calculate your RAM needs with the above formula and make sure

that it is lower than the pysical limit.

Windows makes much trouble, if it runs out of RAM.

Also try to activate "Suspend to Disk" mode. UAE and

Windows will be ready to use within 30 seconds.

8. UAE shows a green screen on boot

Go to the CPU page and select "JIT force Settings" and "Indirect Mode"

or disable it completely.

Does it work now? Mail this to me

Why? Due to some mystic reasons it happens, that JIT cannot allocate

memory between 0x0 and 0x20000000. Normaly all WIndows versions

have free space by 0x11000000.

9. I get no picasso screens larger than 1024 in 32bit

Use picasso96fix on Startup-Sequence (before LoadWB)

10. What is the folder "Displaydrivers" for?

These are the picasso96 uae drivers. Just ignore the drawer.

The latest picasso96 installer has correctly working display drivers included.

Tips for stable PCs:

1. If you have an old HD (500MB), install a pure Win for testing purposes.

Does the program work ?

2. (More) Overclock your PC by 10% by using the bus clock. If it works correctly

your PC seems to be stable. If it work for 4 minutes, it seems to be stable, too.

If it doesn't work, try downclock it. Less crashes?

A problem on non UDMA HD is that PIO4 or SCSI have no

transfer error detection. So try to let your PC run on PIO3 (DMA still works)

a month or so. The speed loss is not measurable in daily use, because Windows normally transfers

small blocks. Less crashes ?

3. You can install Sysmon by using the Windows installer.

With this tooly you can see how many KB/sec are transferred

and how much memory a program uses. So you see, if the the program is slow

is related to the memory.

Normally the allocated memory should not exceed your physical memory by more than 30 MB.

If so, you can increase speed by using more memory.

4. I found out that, large drives are better than drives with high RPM.

A 9 GB 10000 RPM SCSI drive is slower than a 40GB 7200 RPM IDE drive, if you use the same

partition size.