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Amiga Infos-Paramétrer et configurer WinUAE avec le Workbench 1.3 sur HDF
1. Download WinUAE executable (Setup program) from

2. Install WinUAE and follow the on screen instructions.

3. Next copy your Kick-Start ROM file into C:\Program Files\Winuae (or make a new directory and name it kickstarts then copy your ROM file into this new directory.)

4. Next make another new directory in C:\Program Files\Winuae and name it Hard Disks

5. Now close all open explorer windows and launch WinUAE.

6. If it asks you to ‘Detect 16-bit Pixel format’, click Yes.

7. Go to the ROM tab and click ‘...’ button and set the path to your kick-start 1.3 ROM File.

I discovered you can’t format your HDF file when using kick-start 1.3, so to work around this problem temporarily use a kick-start 2.x ROM and when the HDF has been formatted switch the kick-start back with a 1.3 ROM. If you DO have both, then Ignore and skip step *10.b.

If you DON'T have a kick-start 2.x ROM available then please skip steps 10, 11, & 12 and follow step *10.b (Thanks Toni & andreas for helping me solve this problem)

8. Next goto the Hard Drives tab.

9. Left click Add Hardfile...

10. In older versions of Winuae (before 22r1) you have to input the hdf size using bytes and have to work it all out, if you do not you could cause data corruption when the hdf runs out of free space. So to make a 10MB hdf you need to type in 10485760 into the bytes box and click button.

(If you want to make a bigger sized hdf file you need to use the formula:
Size_of_hdf_in_megabytes * 1024 * 1024 = Number_to_type_in_bytes_box)

If you are using Winuae 22r1 or newer versions you type in Megabytes, so type in 10 instead. (Thanks to andreas for the guide correction.)

11. Click create.

12. A window will open, so go to the C:\Program Files\Winuae\hard disk directory. In the file Name box type i.e. WB1.3 then click ok.


a. Download the blank pre-formatted HDF file from Jambo! Downloads and save it to C:\Program Files\Winuae\Hard Disks

b. Click the ‘...’ and go to your C:\Program Files\Winuae\hard disk directory and select your wb1.3.hdf file or type in path:
C:\Program Files\Winuae\hard disk\wb1.3.hdf

c. Click on ok.

13. Next go to the CPU tab.

14. Under CPU Type:- select 68000

15. Tick More compatible.

16. Under CPU Emulation Speed:- select Match A500 speed

17. Go to the RAM tab.

18. Set The following Memory Settings to:-
  • Chip - 1 MB
  • Slow - Somewhere around 512k to 1 MB
19. Under the Chipset tab just tick OCS

20. Now Go to the display tab

21. In the option Amiga screen resolution, Select via the drop-down box - 640x480 32-bit or 16-bit.

22. Under Centring:- Tick both the Horizontal and Vertical settings.

23. Under Settings:- Tick Correct aspect ratio, Full-Screen

24. Under Line mode:- Tick Doubled.

25. Now Go to the Sound tab

29. Set the following options:-
  • Sound Emulation - choose Emulated 100% accurate.
  • Sound buffer size - I find it best at around the 5 to 6 setting
  • Frequency - choose 44000 Hz
  • Stereo Mode - choose Stereo
  • In WinUAE 22r7 you will notice the settings part has changed. Click on the \/ dropdown to select Frequency - 44000 Hz. Also I find Audio Filter is best set to Emulated.
  • In WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 5 you will notice the Interpolation options have been changed to Disable, RH and Crux: I find Crux to be the best option to use.

    What do RH and Crux stand for?

    Crux is Berndt Schmidts old handle.

    RH stands for Richard Hoffmann.

    Thanks to Lockrobster for the information.
30. Last goto Configurations tab.

31. Type in Name box i.e.:- A500 WB1.3 HD and Type something in Description box and click the Save button (you should then see the config appear in the list.)