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Amiga Infos-Installer et paramétrer ClassAct et NewIcons sur Workbench 3.1 Partie 2

Install NewIcons:-

10. After bootup double click Programs, double click on NewIconsV4 directory, then double click Install_NewIcons.

11. Click ‘Proceed’.

12. Make sure Intermediate User is selected and then click on Proceed With Install.

13. Make sure Install for Real and None are selected and then Click ‘Proceed’.

14. Make sure NewIcons, DefIcons, 32 Color Icons Set, Documentation are selected and then Click ‘Proceed’.

15. Make sure High End library is selected and then Click ‘Proceed’.

16. Click ‘Proceed’. (It should show SYS:Utilities as selected drawer).

17. Click Yes.

18. Click on DH0: System: and then click the proceed button.

19. Click on an icon you want to use as default drawer (image will be used for all directories)

20. Click No.

21. Click Yes.

22. Click ‘Proceed’. (It should show SYS: as selected drawer).

23. Click on an icon you want to use as Hard Disk partition.

24. Click Yes.

25. Click on DH1: Programs: and then click the proceed button.

26. Click on an icon you want to use as Hard Disk partition.

27. Click No. (Unless you have more Hard Disk partitions set up.)

28. Click ‘Proceed’.

29. Click ‘Proceed’. (It should show SYS:Storage as selected drawer).

30. Click ‘Proceed’. (It should show Help: as selected drawer).

31. Click ‘Proceed’.

32. Click ‘Proceed’.

33. Now restart the Amiga by holding down the 3 keys to finish setup. CTRL + INSERT + HOME, or in newer versions of WinUAE press CTRL + LEFT WINDOW + RIGHT WINDOW keys.

34. When Workbench has booted up, double click System, then Prefs and NewIconsPrefs. (you will have to clean up and snapshot again). Next tick RTG Mode, No Borders and Transparent boxes and click Save.

You have now installed NewIcons.