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Amiga Infos-Installer et paramétrer MUI sur Workbench 3.1

In this chapter we will Install and set-up MUI.

If you have quit WinUAE after the fourth chapter, then re-launch the program, left click the config you made, click the Load button and click OK to start emulation.

1. Double Click Programs.

2. Double Click on MUI directory.

3. Double Click Install-MUI.

4. Make sure Intermediate User is selected and then Click ‘Proceed With Install.’

5. Make sure Install for Real and None is selected and then Click ‘Proceed’.

6. Click ‘Proceed’.

7. Click ‘Show Drives’ button and click on DH0: System:

8. Click ‘Proceed’.

9. Click ‘Proceed’.

10. Click ‘Proceed’.

11. Click No as the examples are not needed. (click Yes if you want the examples)

12. Click ‘Proceed’.

13. We have now Installed MUI. Now restart the Amiga by holding down the 3 keys to finish setup. CTRL + INSERT + HOME, or in newer versions of WinUAE press CTRL + LEFT WINDOW + RIGHT WINDOW keys.

14. Double Click System, double click on the MUI directory and double click on the MUI Icon.

15. Next go to the top of the screen and hold your right mouse button down.

16. Hover you mouse over Project and Open.... When Open... is highlighted let go of right mouse button.

17. Click Stuntzi.prefs and click ok.

18. Click Save.