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Amiga Infos-Installer et décompresser les archive lha

In this chapter we will decompress lha files.

If you have quit WinUAE after the third chapter, then re-launch the program, left click the config you made, click the Load button and click OK to start emulation.

1. When workbench is booted you should see Ram Disk, Programs and System. Double click System, double click the next System drawer in the window that opened, and then double click the Shell program to open Amiga DOS. Amiga DOS is similar to MS-DOS but is much better ;-)

2. Now type: Copy C: and press Return/Enter

3. Next type: and press Return/Enter

4. Then type: delete and press Return/Enter

You should now have lha installed. Now we can decompress our files.

5. Now we’ll extract the Picasso96.lha archive, So type:
lha x programs:picasso96.lha programs: and press Return/Enter

6. Next we’ll extract the Scalos.lha archive, So type:
lha x programs:Scalos.lha programs: and press Return/Enter

N.B. If you downloaded from then type in Scalos-V1.2b.lha instead of Scalos.lha

7. Next we’ll extract the mui38usr.lha archive, So type:
lha x programs:mui38usr.lha programs: and press Return/Enter.

8. Icon replacements
8a. Next we’ll extract the magicwb2.1p.lha archive, So type:
lha x programs:magicwb2.1p.lha programs: and press Return/Enter
8b. Next we’ll extract the newicons46.lha archive, So type:
lha x programs:newicons46.lha programs: and press Return/Enter
Skip step 8a if you are going to use New Icons.
Skip step 8b but follow step 8a if you are going to use Magic Workbench icons.


9. Next we’ll extract the classact2demo.lha archive, So type:
lha x programs:classact2demo.lha programs: and press Return/Enter.

N.B. Skip step 9 if you are:

  • Going to use magic workbench icons.
  • Keeping the standard icons.
  • Going to install Scalos and you want to manually copy each newicons by hand.
10. Delete the old lha files, unless you want to keep them for backup, from within Shell:-
Type: delete programs:Picasso96.lha and press Return/Enter
Type: delete programs:Scalos.lha and press Return/Enter
Type: delete programs:mui38usr.lha and press Return/Enter
Type: delete programs:newicons46.lha and press Return/Enter
Type: delete programs:magicwb2.1p.lha and press Return/Enter
Type: delete programs:classact2demo.lha and press Return/Enter
Type: delete and press Return/Enter

Or from workbench by:-

a. Close the shell by typing in endcli and press Return/Enter
b. Close the 2 open windows by clicking the square on the top left-hand of each window.
c. Double click on programs then go to the menu (move mouse to top of screen and hold right mouse button down.)
d. Hover your mouse over Window, then Show and when All Files is Highlighted then let go of right mouse button.
e. Select the old lha file, go to the menu as before but hover your mouse over Icons and Delete... When Delete... is Highlighted then let go of right mouse button.