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fast and dirty port...

fast and dirty readme file

26.11.2011 update (WIP02) - build done during AmiZaduszki 2011, KRK - greets to all there :):
- added config file selector (if you put your config files on the /sdcard, in main directory, and name them like *_puae.cfg, it will find them
and allow you to choose one),
- mouse improvements (just tap or double tap anywhere on the screen to do a click/doubleclick (at current Amiga cursor position),
- RMB added (as a button for now)
- made it a fullscreen app (shame on me for not doing this initially)
- there are zoom in/out buttons on the top buttons row - just slide it to the very right (that allow to zoom in Amiga screen slightly to match the phone screen)

requires Froyo (Android 2.2)
requires SD card
fat binary for both ARMv5 and ARMv7 (ARMv5 'tested' on emulator, ARMv7 on Motorola Defy)
requires kickstart (tested with 1.3, 2.0 and 3.1)

1. install apk file
2. modify and put some *_puae.cfg file (examples attached) on your sdcard (main directory so it is visible under /scdard/ or /mnt/sdcard)

on gui:
button panes are slideable (if they cannot fit to the screen, they will allow for sliding).

orientation change:
The config file selector will start in anymode (and update when you change phone orientation).
The emulator itself starts by default in portrait mode. does not handle orientation change, fixed at what was setup (via Options->GUI options->App orientation). When App Orientation is changed - you need to restart the whole app. to start it in landscape mode (after config change) - you need to orientate your device like this, and THEN start the app [yess, i know its suboptimal :)]

known issues:
to exit - > please DO USE Options->Exit. Otherwise the first subsequent startup may fail.

have fun!